Advocacy training course

Human Rights Watch

Designing a two day training course for leading human rights organisations.

It was both exciting and a little bit daunting when di:ga was asked to design and deliver an advocacy skills training course for senior campaign and policy staff at some of the world’s leading human rights organisations (namely Amnesty International, Crisis Action, the Elders, Global Witness, Human Rights Watch, the International Crisis Group, the Open Society Foundation, and Save the Children).

The two day training, which we piloted in late 2012 and finalised in December 2013, covers the fundamentals of advocacy including strategy development, target mapping, monitoring & evaluation, and lobbying and has modules on media, social media, popular mobilisation and coalitions. We devised a series of presentations, with case studies and built-in exercises, as well as accompanying handouts and presenters’ notes, so that the course can be delivered by different people each time. The feedback from the sessions, delivered to around 20 staff from the participating organisations, was very positive.