About us

di:ga offers bespoke strategy and communications advice for non-profit organisations and other good causes.

We are an employee-owned company focused on driving impact for our clients on key social and environmental issues. We feel privileged to work with organisations doing cutting-edge research and campaigning, and thrive on the challenge of helping them to raise awareness and promote positive change.

We don’t do spin, and we won’t just tell you what you want to hear. If we work with you, we will become your thought partners, dedicated to helping you get results. This might mean we challenge your assumptions and push back on what you propose: we’ll do this respectfully so that between us we can really make a difference.

We are humble about what we don’t know; respectful of the knowledge and expertise of others; and assertive about what we do know. We believe in the sanctity of grammar, the power of simple, direct and clear prose, and the importance of finding an author’s (or an organisation’s) voice.

A note on our name

di:ga means ‘speak up’ in Spanish. We use the phonetic spelling - the colon slows you down, so you don't say digger, which would be weird, and have nothing to do with communication.

Our teams

We have three teams with different specialisms but good writing and strategy are at the heart of what we all do. We are all creative, tenacious and diligent, and get things done on time.

Advocacy and campaigns team

The advocacy and campaigns team helps clients understand the targets they want to reach, and develop strategies to influence them - drawing on a broad range of tactics. They help translate complex policy into actionable asks, and often lead work with coalitions or where stakeholder management or campaign planning is key.

Jon Date

Jon Date

Managing Director and Director of Advocacy

Jon has over 10 years’ experience in communications, advocacy and campaigning across a range of issues including international development, humanitarian emergencies, tax justice and women’s rights. He has led a number of campaigns which have led to significant changes in government policy and corporate practice, as well as generating substantial public support and media coverage.

Charlie Zajicek

Charlie Zajicek

Head of Campaigns and Insights

Charlie is an experienced communications specialist with a track record in engaging policymakers on climate and environment issues. He is adept at taking dry, complex policy and making it relevant and accessible, while respecting the nuance and quality of the original content. His approach involves understanding key audiences, what they want, and how they will be most receptive to information or messaging. He’s in his element working across a range of media – from online, to film, to print.

Katie Dominy

Katie Dominy

Associate - Advocacy & Campaigns

Katie is an experienced writer, communicator and policy analyst. Before joining di:ga, Katie worked as a Researcher on Foreign Affairs, Defence, International Trade, and International Development issues in the UK Houses of Parliament. Before that, she worked as a Middle East Correspondent for the monthly current affairs outlet The International. She also has experience working in Hong Kong and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, delivering NGO programmes on educational inclusion, gender equality and youth democratic engagement.


News team

The news team helps di:ga’s clients develop media strategies that drive change. They know what makes a story and how to frame content for different publications and audiences. They work with journalists across markets, including the U.K., Europe, U.S. and Africa, to secure great coverage and shape reporting of major global issues.

Our network

In addition to our core UK-based staff we have a network of friends and associates we can call on for jobs that are bigger than we can service, or that require certain skills or knowledge we don't have. We have freelancers and agencies we work with regularly in Brazil, China, the US and France who have excellent contacts with the media in their countries and wider regions. Amongst our regular collaborators are people who speak Chinese, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic and German.

Our address book also includes hugely talented graphic designers, digital whizzes, political operators, filmmakers, and branding gurus and we’re happy to facilitate an intro or manage the relationship ourselves. (Either way, we don't layer on finder's fees or unjustified additions to their standard rates). This means that we can build the team to fit your brief and you can get all the benefits of a big global agency, without the hefty price tag.