Here are some nice things people have said about us.

The consultants that we have used from di:ga have been of the highest quality. They have brought great experience and a wealth of smart and creative ideas that have really helped shaped our media strategy and increased our impact and focus.

Caroline Holtum

Communications Director, We Mean Business

di:ga takes comms agencies to a whole new level. Their support throughout the process was unbelievable. The team was dedicated, cared deeply about the issue and never stopped digging-in. The results were far beyond anything we ever expected and are already having an impact.

Carin Smaller

Director of Agriculture, Trade and Investment, IISD

di:ga supported the official launch of Prindex, a full rebrand, a new website, and the first publication of data and associated stories. They brought strategic vision to bear on the project, getting us to think beyond our usual audiences and focus on impact. They were diligent and professional and really helped put Prindex on the map.

Anna Locke

Co-Director, Prindex

di:ga were transformative. They gave us exactly what we needed: a wonderful roadmap to raise our profile.

Tess McCormick

Development Director, Mansfield College, Oxford

di:ga are highly strategic and excellent to work with. They really pushed us to dig into our audiences, and we came up with a great plan and materials that suit our very specific needs and opportunities.

Victor Ponsford

Advocacy and Communications Manager, Open Ownership

di:ga were fantastic partners for our research – smart, organised and highly effective. They got the story very quickly and made sure it got picked up by the media that mattered.

Prof. Jane Green

Co-Director, British Election Study

di:ga were excellent! Their experience, knowledge and insight were tailor made into a perfect training package for our concrete needs!

Mona Thowsen

Secretary General, Publish What You Pay, Norway

Amy is proactive and adept at getting an organisation’s message across in the media. She is well connected, understands complex topics and builds excellent working relationships with journalists.

Sam Cage

Bureau Chief, Reuters

di:ga were critical in bringing together a range of actors and viewpoints to produce a clear and compelling report and a top class launch strategy. We recommend them unreservedly.

Iona Lawrence

Former Founding Director, The Jo Cox Foundation

di:ga are quite simply among the best in the business. I can always rely on them to provide the top tier level of strategic input and delivery. They're fantastic to work with.

Gemma Mortensen

Co-founder and Vice Chair, More in Common

Amy’s expertise is strong in so many areas – but one key strength is her ability to help others through the process while ensuring that quality is always high and output well-directed.

Jeff Kaye

Trustee, Transparency International

di:ga helped transform our communications in a matter of months. They are creative, strategic and fantastic to work with.

Darren Cormack

CEO, Mines Advisory Group

di:ga’s support was invaluable. They applied a sensitive, intelligent, strategic approach, dealt with speakers with the utmost maturity and tact, corralled journalists, marshalled tweets, and delivered great results.

Michael Aminian

Founder and Director, Zamyn

We really enjoyed working with di:ga: thanks to their hard work, we've made important progress on our campaigns, and have articulated our organisation's mission to a much larger audience. Their expertise and openness to working flexibly with our team are very valuable.

Hannah Lownsbrough

Former Executive Director, SumOfUs

di:ga are strategic, focused and extremely useful to have around. They have not only helped us improve our communication to key audiences, but to think much more clearly about purpose and impact.

Rachel Oldroyd

Managing Editor, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

di:ga were great to collaborate with. Their communications nous, talent for expressing complex ideas in accessible language, and skilful chairing were invaluable for realising results.

Simon Miller

Managing Partner, 3Keel

From big picture to detail, from strategy to delivery, I trust di:ga completely on all aspects of communication.

Laura Wellesley

Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House

I would say without hesitation that Amy is one of the most talented people I have worked with.

Kevin Watkins

Chief Executive, Save the Children

Amy excelled at bringing together four organisations with very different backgrounds to conceive a campaign. We all appreciated her facilitation skills, intelligence, and sensitivity.

Enrique Restoy

Campaigns Manager, International HIV/AIDs Alliance

Amy has a super power. She can take complex issues and explain them in simple terms quickly and concisely.

Katie Edenborough

Former Head of PR, Oxfam GB

di:ga were extremely good at helping us communicate directly and engagingly. They’re smart and easy to work with, and as a result we have a much better understanding of of our key audiences and how to reach them effectively.

Pavel Richter

Former CEO, Open Knowledge International

If you and your organisation want to do great things, I would absolutely get di:ga on board.

Alice Harrison

Senior Campaigner, Global Witness

di:ga made an excellent contribution to the launch of our annual Africa Progress Reports. Besides being smart and tenacious, they are also a pleasure to work with.

Caroline Kende-Robb

Former Executive Director, Africa Progress Panel

di:ga were fantastic to work with. Oliver’s clear thinking, sensible advice and flawless delivery enabled us to re-launch the site quickly and with minimal fuss. We are very pleased with the result.

Naomi Fowler

Creative Strategist, Tax Justice Network

Amy is exceptional in understanding complex issues and making them comprehensible without dumbing them down.

Alan Beattie

International Economy Editor, Financial Times

Amy has that rare knack of being able to distill complex ideas into sharp simple communications. Combined with strong political ‘nous’ she is a formidable strategist and campaigner, dedicated to making change happen.

Jeremy Hobbs

Former Executive Director, Oxfam International

Working with di:ga was fantastic. They provided excellent support and advice on strategy, media relations and editing, quickly becoming a trusted part of the core team. They were assertive yet tactful, focused, efficient and 100% committed to helping us achieve impact.

Rafat Al-Akhali

Fellow of Practice, Blavatnik School of Government

di:ga gave us fantastic guidance on our media strategy and tactics. The training sessions they ran on working with the media and broadcast interviews were incredibly well received.

Elizabeth Bourne

Communications Manager, Saferworld

di:ga are strategic, focused, thorough, professional and always deliver results.

Harpinder Collacott

Executive Director, Development Initiatives

di:ga's strategic insight, expertise, and client-focused approach has brought a sea-change in the impact of our communications. Their brilliant work pitching has got us on-target, top-tier coverage for our reports and analyses. And they're great to work with.

Phil Bloomer

Executive Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

di:ga’s strategic approach and media savvy ensured we got placed in the media most important for our goals, and their robust, constructive feedback kept us focused. di:ga were great to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Camille Le Pors

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark lead

di:ga are brilliant. Their obvious experience and skills, ability to build and maintain the right relationships and proactive nature have been incredibly helpful to us.

Eliot Whittington

Director, Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change

di:ga’s extensive media contacts and tenacious and thorough approach have helped get quality coverage in the European market for our clients.

Joy Portella

President, Minerva Strategies

Amy was a total pleasure to work with. Full of great ideas on strategy and tactics, she contacted senior barristers, company execs, Avaaz members and journalists at a rapid clip and with great results.

Alex Wilks

Former Campaigns Director, Avaaz

di:ga are excellent to work with. They're honest, efficient, effective and firmly focused on quality and impact.

Selena Chapman

Global Director of Communications and Marketing, CDP

di:ga's input was incredibly astute and strategic. They managed to turn complex, diverse material into a comprehensive and coherent piece of work – on a very tight deadline!

Sophie Amos

Fomer Communications and Campaigns Manager, Help Age International

In di:ga we found a partner who had the skills and knowledge to help build our brand in Europe and beyond. They brought new ideas to the table at every meeting, and their judgment was unfailingly sound.

Ruby Barclay

Communications Director, Climate Policy Initiative

di:ga really listened and understood our needs and found creative ways to address the challenges we faced. I’d thoroughly recommend them. They are both professional and fun to work with.

Sarah West

Former Director of Communications & Campaigns, Plan International UK

di:ga were strategic, thoughtful and attentive throughout the project. From the very start, they got what we are working to do and it was clear they wanted us to succeed. They're a great team and we loved working with them.

Sam Jeffers

Co-founder, Who Targets Me

The work di:ga did for ACET was first class: always professional, strategic, and focused, they really helped us understand what we needed to change.

K.Y. Amoako

President, African Centre for Economic Transformation

di:ga are so brilliant I hesitate to recommend them to others! Their ability to distil complex issues into pithy media-friendly prose is among the best I’ve seen.

Andrew Hudson

Executive Director, Crisis Action