Appointing ‘nature’ as a director

Faith in Nature

Precedent-setting move by Faith in Nature to rethink governance to serve the planet

In 2022, di:ga worked with natural soap & haircare company, Faith in Nature, to highlight the company’s decision to appoint ‘Nature’ to their Board of Directors - giving Nature a voice and direct influence on decision making. As the first company to do this, Faith in Nature is setting a powerful example and an important precedent for other companies who want to align their operations with environmental stewardship.

We worked with the team to develop detailed messaging around the decision, placing an exclusive with The Guardian. The piece took a deep dive into the concept of environmental personhood in business and its potential to affect wider industry practices. We also worked with the team to place thought leadership content on behalf of company leaders and the legal teams involved in the decision.

We really enjoyed working with di:ga on this project. Their expertise was incredibly valuable in helping us craft messaging around our campaign. We’d recommend them wholeheartedly.

Simeon Rose

Creative Director, Faith in Nature