Conflict in Ethiopia

Atrocities Watch Africa

Building international pressure to end the war

di:ga worked with Ugandan-based non-governmental organisation, Atrocities Watch Africa (AWA), to build international political pressure to end the conflict in Ethiopia. We advised AWA on how to frame the issue in a way that would cut through with politicians and in the media, including working with them to develop a letter warning the international community to learn lessons from the 1994 Rwandan genocide.

We helped AWA engage and meet with decision makers in the UK, USA and Ireland, countries we identified as being important to influencing the conflict. Key politicians across all three countries amplified and supported the call-to-action, including through parliamentary questions, letters to their head of government and on social media.

We secured media coverage for the letter in the Guardian and Time Magazine, and it was shared over 5,000 times on Twitter. In November 2022 the Ethiopian government and opposition Tigrayan group signed a peace treaty, bringing the current fighting to an end.