Data for development

Development Initiatives

Promoting Development Initiative’s evidence-based research and analysis.

Development Initiatives were di:ga’s first Bristol-based clients. It was great to be working for someone in the city we love. We’ve always admired the evidence-based research and analysis pioneered by Development Initiatives, and used widely by international campaign groups such as One and Oxfam, so it was a privilege to be asked to help them communicate their work more widely, and move beyond the raw data to the associated advocacy.

We worked in the Development Initiatives office a couple of days a week for six months, getting involved in day to day launches and reactions, as well as training staff and helping their Head of Communications to devise and implement a new three-year plan. We also travelled to Geneva to launch their tenth Global Humanitarian Assistance report, for which we gained record amounts of international media coverage. And we helped develop and implement the strategy for the launch of their flagship new work strand, Investments to End Poverty.
di:ga are strategic, focused, thorough, professional and always deliver results.

Harpinder Collacott

Executive Director, Development Initiatives