Economic case for nature

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Encouraging governments and investors to use nature in infrastructure projects

Built infrastructure is responsible for over 60% of global emissions and is driving species and habitat loss. The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) asked di:ga to help them make the case for natural alternatives - for example, using reefs or mangroves instead of concrete defences to protect the coastline storms and erosion, which can be cheaper and more effective as well as better for the planet.

In the run up to COP26, di:ga worked with IISD to launch new research showing that 11% of new infrastructure needed worldwide could be met with plants, trees and other natural alternatives, which would save governments and investors US$248bn per year. We helped IISD frame the issue in a way that would cut through, and pitched the story to the media, securing coverage in the Guardian and Reuters.

The di:ga team were tireless in their efforts to secure us the sort of coverage we need to raise awareness about the important issues we are working on. Their collaboration and persistence were fantastic and the results were way beyond our expectations.

Kiranne Guddoy

Communications Officer, IISD