Framing food security


Facilitating a meeting to refine WWF’s messaging on food security.

di:ga worked with Oxford-based sustainability consultants 3Keel to help WWF UK think through different ways of framing food security, and linking it to their core agenda of biodiversity and conservation.

3Keel did the deep thinking, and di:ga helped advise on how different messages would be received by different audiences. Food is both a hugely complex and a very simple topic to communicate. It unites us all and yet the food security debate is one that provokes wide disagreement and a spectrum of different views.

di:ga chaired the workshop which was the culmination of the project’s first phase, in which participants from different parts of the organisation shared their views on how best to frame the topic to engage WWF’s key stakeholders and deliver its overall objectives.
di:ga were great to collaborate with. Their communications nous, talent for expressing complex ideas in accessible language, and skilful chairing were invaluable for realising results.

Simon Miller

Managing Partner, 3Keel