Helping survivors of torture

Helen Bamber Foundation

Fighting to keep vulnerable people out of asylum detention centres.

The Helen Bamber Foundation works for the sustained recovery and rehabilitation of survivors of torture, human trafficking, domestic violence and other extreme human rights violations. Their specialist team of therapists, doctors and legal experts provide therapeutic care, medical consultation, legal protection and practical support. di:ga worked with the Foundation to consider how they might use the media and other communications chanels as a tool to raise awareness of the work they do, with a view both to supporting fundriasing and complementing their private advocacy.

It was a privilege to work with the Foundation in 2015 to help them think through messaging about their work to protect victims of trafficking and torture from being held in detention centres. Under the government’s Detained Fast Track programme asylum applicants whose cases are straighfoward can be held in immigration removal centres, rather than living in the community whilst their application is considered. Critically, victims of torture and trafficking are excluded from DFT, along with pregnant women and children. The Helen Bamber Foundation works to support those are are mistakenely detained.