Improving people's land rights


Promoting a new global survey on people's perceptions of property rights.

Prindex is a groundbreaking global survey of people's perceptions of their property rights around the world. By asking people how secure they feel in their homes and on their land Prindex provides governments and other actors with nuanced data to drive better land rights policy.

Prindex is a joint initiative between the Overseas Development Institute and the Global Land Alliance. di:ga worked with both organisations to develop the strategy and messaging for the launch of the first tranche of Prindex data.

We managed and oversaw a brand review and relaunch - working with the excellent team at Johnson Banks. We also wrote and edited blogs and news pieces that appeared on Place, Land Portal and other specialist sites, and did all the media relations for the launch, generating on-target coverage that lifted the profile of the new initiative, and driving the conversation online.
di:ga supported the official launch of Prindex, a full rebrand, a new website, and the first publication of data and associated stories. They brought strategic vision to bear on the project, getting us to think beyond our usual audiences and focus on impact. They were diligent and professional and really helped put Prindex on the map.

Anna Locke

Co-Director, Prindex