Marking 20 years of mine action

Mines Advisory Group

Communications strategy, media relations and a new campaign for a landmine free 2025.

The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) saves lives by removing landmines and deadly unexploded weapons left after war. They help communities reclaim their land for farming, schools and markets. 2017 marked twenty years since Princess Diana walked in a mine field in Angola and the signing of the Ottawa Treaty banning the use of landmines. di:ga helped MAG build a detailed communications and media plan for the year.

Tragically landmines and booby traps are still being used with devastating effect - including in the conflict in Iraq. In February 2017, di:ga supported the publication of a policy brief highlighting this New Landmine Emergency, which was covered by Reuters, The Express, ReliefWeb and others.

di:ga also supported MAG and The Halo Trust to launch Landmine Free 2025 – a campaign calling for renewed funding to clear all remaining landmines the most contaminated countries. The campaign was launched by Prince Harry at Kensington Palace in April and generated headlines around the world, including in the Guardian, Daily Mail, Express, The Times, and the BBC.
di:ga helped transform our communications in a matter of months. They are creative, strategic and fantastic to work with.

Darren Cormack

CEO, Mines Advisory Group