Audit and positioning

Publish What You Pay

Delivering an audit, strategy and messaging around a just energy transition.

Photo by Prasanta Kr Dutta on Unsplash

di:ga first worked with Publish What You Pay, set up to promote and support transparency in the extractives sector, to deliver media and communications training for 25 civil society activists from resource-rich African states. We travelled to Oslo and ran three separate sessions followed by broadcast interview training in front of the Norwegian parliament. Topics covered included the core principles of strategic communications, target mapping and messaging, and social media for campaigning.

At the end of 2021, PWYP got back in touch with us to deliver a communications audit and develop a new strategy around its shift towards being more impact-driven and campaign-led. We conducted an in depth audit of PWYP’s digital, social media and media channels to get a sense of the organisation’s key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. We then facilitated a series of workshops to develop a new overarching and shared objective for PWYP’s communications, embedded in the energy transition. We used results from these workshops to develop a new core script and segmented messaging for PWYP’s priority audiences, which we folded into a new communications strategy.

Our core script and segmented messaging has helped PWYP to secure new funding for work on energy transitions. As the world rapidly transitions away from fossil fuels to renewable energy, PWYP is cementing itself as a core voice for the communities on the frontline of the just energy transition.
Collaborating with di:ga has been a game-changer! Their strategic approach and expert messaging have transformed our complex issues into clear, compelling communication that resonates with our audiences. In such a complex, noisy world, di:ga's focus on impact is essential for advocacy organisations looking to drive change.

Joe Bardwell

Director of Communications & Campaigns, Publish What You Pay