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UK Anti-Corruption Coalition

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UK Anti-Corruption Coalition

In late 2022 di:ga worked with a coalition of anti-corruption organisations including RUSI, Transparency International UK, Spotlight on Corruption and two all-party parliamentary groups. We were brought in to deepen the coalition’s understanding of their target audiences, and how to drive UK political action on dirty money.

We interviewed current and former ministers, political advisers, MPs, journalists and businesses to find out what they thought would help bring about change. We also used a social listening platform and our own desk research to analyse how corruption issues were being discussed on social media and reported in the media.

We used our findings to come up with recommendations for the coalition. We drafted messaging to help frame their arguments in a more politically salient way, suggested who else they should engage with and how, and developed new ideas for media and digital tactics that would help them cut through. The work was well received by the coalition and is informing their 2023 strategy.

di:ga’s work with the UK Anti-Corruption Coalition was fantastic. Their insights and recommendations were incredibly valuable and will help us take our advocacy and influencing to the next level.

Rachel Davies Teka

Advocacy Director, Transparency International UK