Tackling the resource curse

Global Witness

Supporting fearless investigative campaigners to drive change.

di:ga has worked with the fearless investigative campaigners at Global Witness on a range of issues since 2011. We have delivered a number of trainings to staff, including on basic media relations and writing, and have helped them launch reports on a range of subjects including illegal forest clearance in Liberia, gemstones fuelling conflict in Afghanistan, dodgy oil deals in Nigeria, and conflict gold in Democratic Republic of the Congo. We’ve also worked on branding, the website, annual reports, and core organisational messaging.

Most recently, in the first half of 2020, we worked with the forests, land and climate change team, providing cover for a senior comms adviser. We helped launch one report on a questionable oil project on peatland forests in Congo Brazzaville, and another on how French banks are financing deforestation. We provided day-to-day press office and strategic comms support, responding to opportunities to raise the profile of Global Witness’s work, including their pioneering investigations on environmental defenders.

In 2014, we helped launch a hard-hitting report on conflict gold in Dubai, which was on the front page of the Guardian and the subject of an exclusive report on Newsnight, and which subsequently led to the whistle-blower we worked with being awarded $11m in damages. We had a lot of fun supporting Global Witness’s campaigning on financial transparency in the run up to the 2013 G8, where their advocacy was recognised as a key driver of breakthrough reforms.

If you and your organisation want to do great things, I would absolutely get di:ga on board.

Alice Harrison

Senior Campaigner, Global Witness